Celebrating 50 Years of Providing Quality Supports to People with Developmental Disabilities

The following statements have been developed by the Green Valley Association Board of Directors to represent its beliefs and guiding principles, and are shared by all who work for the agency.


Green Valley Association is a not-for-profit organization that assists people with intellectual and cognitive disabilities in living fulfulling, meaningful, and successful lives by offering them the supports necessary to live, work, and recreate as a valued member of their community


All people can and should freely and fully experience the highest quality of life regardless of their disability. To achieve this vision, GVA will provide programs and services that:

  • Support and teach people to live in and be part of their community
  • Educate the community and facilitate breaking down barriers in the community
  • Support the aspirations and growth of people we support by building self-confidence, self-esteem, and personal responsibility
  • Promote independence while balancing the need for support
  • Facilitate natural supports and family relationships
  • Provide an environment promoting self determination and control over one’s own life and decisions to the greatest extent possible
  • Provide a safe and healthy environment in which people can grow to their greatest potential
  • Support the rights of people, the same rights that all other citizens enjoy
  • Strive to individualize supports to each person and to be flexible to support the changing needs of each person


In support of our mission and vision, we at Green Valley Association value:

  • TEAMWORK: The achievements of the people we support and the achievements of GVA are only through the combined efforts of individuals working together towards a common goal.
  • PEOPLE: Our most valuable resource is the people who work for GVA; GVA will strive to develop and maintain a workforce of caring and committed professionals who provide quality supports.
  • DIGNITY: People with cognitive and intellectual disabilities are people first and foremost and deserve to be treated like any other person.
  • CHOICE: The people we support have opportunities to make informed choices about the things in their life that most other people have control over.
  • COMMUNITY: The people we support have the option of living in the community of their choice and have the opportunity to live as a productive and contributing member of their community.
  • QUALITY: The people we support determine the quality of their supports from GVA based on the outcomes they experience.